Pupper-cino to go: UK’s first food hall for dogs open for business

Basset Hound pudding is given a ‘Pupper-cino’ (Andrew Matthews/PA)
Basset Hound pudding is given a ‘Pupper-cino’ (Andrew Matthews/PA)
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The UK’s first food hall for dogs is aiming to offer its canine customers specialist treats such as liver cakes and “pupper-cinos”.

Basset hound Gumbo at the Lick and Mix station (Andrew Matthews/PA)

Based in Bobby & Co department store in Bournemouth Drool will feature a doggy tuck shop, a “lick n’ mix” station and a cake stand.

Holly and her Italian greyhound toy poodle (Andrew Matthews/PA)

Stands are at dog height and the animals will be given the opportunity to choose their favourite treats using dedicated sniffing holes.

Specialist dog beer and wine for sale inside Drool (Andrew Matthews/PA)

All the snacks have been specially designed by artisan dog bakeries from around the country, with dog wine and beer even available to take away.

Basset hound Pudding has a drink (Andrew Matthews/PA)

The concession is part of the reopening of the former Debenhams store, and will be available for the public to visit from September 9.

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