California professor Dr Christine Blasey Ford and president Trump’s nominee for the US Supreme Court, Brett Kavanaugh, have both testified in front of the US Senate.

The hearing saw Dr Ford recount her allegations that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her at a high school party in 1982, with Kavanaugh strongly denying the allegations.

The hearing provided many iconic images, but a wide-frame photo of Kavanaugh testifying while a group of crying, angry women look on has been generating particular attention.

Naturally, the image soon went viral on social media, with people seeing it as an accurate depiction of negative feelings towards Kavanaugh. Multiple women have accused him of sexual misconduct and critics have questioned his legal record on women’s issues.

But, as with many viral stories, things are not quite as they seem. Most of the women sitting sitting behind Kavanaugh are his family, friends and supporters, including his wife, mother and close friend.

Kavanaugh got heated during his nearly hour-long testimony when discussing the impact that the allegations have had on his family and reputation. Dr Ford also described that she has been forced to leave her home after receiving death threats. Following the hearing, Kavanaugh's nomination hangs in the balance.

H/T: SFGate

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