BrewDog introduces world-first carbon-negative beer subscription service

Clara Hill@clara_ish
Friday 26 March 2021 10:01

A promotional image from the new carbon negative beer subscription box


Scottish beer company BrewDog has launched what they claim is the world’s first carbon-negative beer club, with the first box free to mark the occasion.

It is a monthly subscription service that seeks to showcase the work of “friends” of the beer chain. Examples of their pals include CloudWater, Mikkeller and Modern Times.

Seeking to be the first carbon-negative service of its kind, they say it will give their customers a taste of an array of different types of beer styles and breweries, all with the priority of freshness and convenience.

BrewDog also said that all the guest beers will be made on their Ellon brewery under licence, to really meet their carbon negative commitments, to minimise excess stock movement.

Each box will have eight cans, four BrewDog and four of their “friends”.

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To ensure carbon negative status, founder James Watt vowed that for each box sold, BrewDog will offset 2,500 grams of CO2, which is great for both drinker and the planet.

He said, “We’re incredibly excited to announce the launch of our first and the world’s only carbon-negative beer club.”