Brexit: Man on BBC News says it 'will do the country good to go without food'

Brexit: Man on BBC News says it 'will do the country good to go without food'

If you need proof that Brexit is sending to the UK into a sense of delirium and bafflement not seen since One Direction broke up, all you need to do is watched these unbelievable scenes from BBC News.

Major supermarket chains such as Sainsbury's, Asda and Waitrose warned the government that a no-deal Brexit could see food supplies dramatically deteriorate in shops.

The open letter from the British Retail Consortium stated that a chaotic exit from the EU under WTO terms would cause major disruption and increased food prices.

Fruit, veg and other perishables would be the most widely affected due to border checks and delays at Calais, meaning that if you enjoy a BLT on a Sunday morning, you might just have to settle for the B.

Last year, the government had ensured to the public that 'adequate food' would be available, but this fresh warning from supermarkets should give us more cause for concern.

BBC News at Six used this as their main story on Monday evening but, rather than consult experts (because we've all had enough of experts), they asked average people on the street and their responses were best-described as mixed.

The first chap seems pretty worried and hopes this intervention would help to highlight the major problems with Brexit.

The woman then takes a best of both worlds approach and hopes that local produce and eating seasonable would actually help British agriculture.

However, the final speaker seemed to change his mind halfway through his response by first admitting that the warning was 'scaremongering' before going into some sort 'rationing-spirit-of-the-blitz'-type scenario.

It's purely scaremongering. As far as I'm concerned it would do the country good to go without for a little while. Make them appreciate what they've had.

It's not entirely clear if this man is a Brexiteer or not, but his confusing short hot take on there being no food in Britain after 29 March really sums up the shambles of Brexit.

The clip has since been shared all over social media and people are pretty dumbfounded by what they saw.

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