Boris Johnson has written a letter to Jeremy Corbyn in which he demands the Labour leader ‘come clean’ over his plans regarding Brexit.

With just 38 days left until the general election, Johnson said, “the voters deserve to have a clear picture of what each potential leader will do when it comes to Brexit.”

In the letter, signed by the prime minister on headed paper, he continued: "Your current position seems to be that you want to go back to square one."

You want to throw out the great new deal we have reached with our European friends, and instead negotiate a whole new treaty from scratch.

Even assuming the EU agrees to go back to the very beginning, this will take months and possibly years to do - under your proposals, 2020 will be lost to more dither and delay over Brexit. 

The prime minister added:

Voters also have the right to know: what would your supposed Brexit ‘deal’ actually back control of?

For months you have refused today what sort of ‘deal’ you want with the EU.

Now the time has come for you to come clean, and explain what your plan really is.

People are arguing that Labour's position is actually clear.

And they are wondering what 'public' Johnson is referring to, as the decision to leave the EU was not unanimous.

It has also been pointed out that he may have accidentally signed his name 'Jeremy Corbyn' instead of Boris Johnson.

If you are wondering about this final point, it's a standard tradition for the prime minister to finish the letter with the name of the person that it is addressed to.

For instance, read the letter that Johnson sent to Donald Tusk just a few weeks ago.

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