Four years on from the Brexit referendum result and the UK is preparing to leave the EU.

However, those who voted for Brexit while living abroad are now angrily discovering that with it comes a whole lot more paperwork.

During a call in on James O'Brien’s LBC radio show, a man named Gareth claimed that Brexiteers living in Spain are "the ones who are moaning the most now".

Gareth, who lives in Spain but voted to remain in the EU as part of Veterans for Europe, told listeners that Britons who voted for Brexit are complaining about all the extra paperwork involved in continuing to live in Spain.

British citizens living in the country will now have to apply for a Spanish driving licence, among many other changes. According to Gareth, Brexiteers believe all the extra form-filling is, “just Barnier being spiteful because he doesn't like Brexit. They're saying all this kind of stuff.”

Twitter users seem to suggest that Leave voters weren’t clued up on what Brexit would actually mean in practice.

Ironically, Gareth says those who reside in Europe and voted to remain have “adjusted” better to the realities of Brexit than “the Leavers” who actually voted for it, saying:

"The people who are the Remainers are now much more adjusted to the Brexit process than the people who were the Leavers.

"This is what they think. If we hadn't fought against Brexit with all our campaigning... It would have all gone their way. If it hadn't been because of us resisting Brexit then it would have been straightforward."

The caller also spoke about the prime minister’s upcoming trip to Brussels, claiming Boris Johnson’s visit is simply a show to appease the voters who trusted him to ‘deliver’ a Brexit that hasn’t really gone to plan.

“He's got to show that right down the line he's always been on their side and done the best for them and all the rest of it because he's going to have to make concessions.”

What a mess.

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