You might remember the name Darren Grimes, from the BeLeave scandal, where his pro-Brexit youth group was fined after receiving an illegal donation from the Vote Leave campaign.

After that incident, he has understandably kept a lower profile which can't be said about every Brexiteer but that didn't stop Sky News from sticking him on live TV to review Wednesday's papers.

People were absolutely apoplectic that he had been given such a platform. The uproar was so strong that it led to The Week writing a story about the backlash to his appearance, which Grimes wasn't happy about.

In a tweet where he responded to the story, Grimes, from County Durham, claimed that people didn't want to listen to him because he was 'uneducated' and that he didn't have the same privileged 'upbringing' as his critics.

Whilst Grimes might have believed that this was a clever and arguably honest way to hit back at those lashing out at him it backfired even worse than the initial vitriol aimed at his Sky News appearance.

Many people were pulling him up on his claim that he was uneducated.

Then there was the obviously incorrect line that he 'didn't spend his summers in Europe' as last time we checked County Durham was in Europe.

It's safe to say that Grimes quickly learnt that you should never play the poverty or working class card when others have more legit claims than you and when you've been found guilty of illegal activity.

HT The Poke

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