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With the possibility of a no-deal Brexit looking more and more likely, the British government and the EU have started to make plans in case it actually happens.

Should this most terrifying of things come to pass then the UK and its citizens will find themselves in uncharted waters. Although everyone is likely to be affected, one thing that remains uncertain is what will happen to UK nationals living in other EU nations once we exit the union.

In amongst the no-deal plans drafted up by the EU, they reportedly declared that 'UK nationals residing in other EU countries will from 29 March no longer have the right to live/work there.'

That's obviously not great for any British citizens living elsewhere in the EU but that is the unfortunate reality of a no-deal Brexit.

Although it should have been fairly obvious to someone who voted for Brexit that something like this could potentially happen, it still managed to cause some outrage from a Leaver.

Darren Grimes, who you might remember was the head of the youth Brexit campaign BeLeave which received an illegal donation of £625,000 from the Vote Leave campaign and was fined £20,000 for breaking referendum campaign laws, was absolutely apoplectic about this possibility.

However, he appears to have completely misunderstood what a 'no-deal' means i.e. nothing is certain and the UK will crash out of the EU without anything to show for it, which would include the rights of its citizens to remain in Europe.

In a rather irate tweet, Grimes vented his frustration about the right to remain being wavered in the event of a no-deal and people had little sympathy for him.

It's like countries can make their own rules or something like that...

No-deal = No EU benefits. Is it really that hard to understand?

Even Gary Lineker weighed into the debate.

These 'Brexiteer owning themselves' stories tend to come up so often now that we are starting to wonder if they are doing it on purpose to get some attention?

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