48 hours should have at least passed until yet another Brexiteer chose to showcase their total lack of knoweldge about the Swiss border.

First it was Quentin Letts, then Julia Hartley-Brewer and now it’s MP Bernard Jenkin, who in an interview with Sky News’ Adam Boulton said that you can “pretty much drive through the borders between Switzerland and the EU”. Sigh.

In a heated debate on the programme this morning, Boulton persistently challenged the Tory MP about his advocacy to leave the European Union, asking:

You’ve advocated that decision. What is the advantage? What does the country gain?

Jenkin, who is one of May’s strongest allies, answers:

The country gains a democracy and accountability and freedom but most countries aren’t in the EU and look around you, they’re absolutely fine.

After a back-and-forth about which countries he is referring to, the Tory MP continues:

You don’t have to be in the EU to be in Europe. Australia is fine, Canada is fine, Singapore is fine, Switzerland is fine.

To which Boulton hilariously fires back:

So we’re going to float off into the Pacific are we?

The conversation quickly turns to Switzerland, with Jenkins saying that "Switzerland and Norway are also fine".

But Boulton, picking up on last week's news cycle reminds the MP:

Switzerland of course has borders with the EU, which a lot of your colleagues spend a lot of time denying that that existed.

Jenkins then reluctantly says:

Well you can pretty well drive through the borders between Switzerland and the EU.

Boulton interrupts with:

Not if youre a lorry driver.

To which Jenkins just stubbornly says:

Not true, there are plenty of roads where you can simply drive through.

You can watch the whole exchange here:

People praised the Sky News journalist for drilling the politician the way he did, while some also took the opportunity to roast Jenkin.

Someone get these people a map, or at least some common sense.

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