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Its 9 more days until Brexit. We have officially reached a single-digit number.

But, instead of panicking or talking about the depressing developments in parliament today, let's look at what we can still do in the days running up to the 29 March deadline

On Tuesday 29 July this year, theIndependent started a campaign and launched a petition called Final Say, calling for the people to have the last word on the Brexit deal. So far, the petition has over 1 million signatures, showing just how much people truly care. And while everything might be looking a bit bleak, we're here to tell you not to give up just yet, and have the last say on the future of the UK.

Here are the five ways in which you can.

1. Come to the People's Vote March

The Put it to the People March is happening this Saturday, and it's going to be big. Be there. Thousands will march on parliament, so bring banners, signs and, most importantly, yourselves.

2.Keep the campaign rolling on social media.

Take a picture of yourself holding a sign saying "I want a Final Say", then post it on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook with hashtag #FinalSay, telling us why you want a final say. Whether you’re on a beach or not, you can help the campaign, even if there's only 9 days left. Anything can happen, so get on it.

3. Download the Final Say poster

Visit independent.co.uk/finalsayposter, download the file and print out the poster on A4, A5, or even A2 paper. Bring it with you to the People's Vote March this Saturday, and show it proudly. That's all.

4. Send us your ideas

We're in this together and we want to support you in the best ways we can. Any other ideas? Send them to finalsay@independent.co.uk.

5. Pray to the Brexit Gods and hope for the best

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