Dominic Raab is an odd figure in British politics.

Between forgetting Britain is an island, posing with stacks of books and generally making things up as he goes along, it’s never clear whether he’s a secret genius or whether his next blunder will kill us all.

As fears of a no-deal Brexit mount, Raab has taken to our screens to reassure us that it’s all going to be fine because the government is spending billions of public money preparing for something most people don’t want – yippee!

In an interview with the BBC, Raab said:

£4bn has been allocated to the process of leaving the EU already.

We will do whatever it takes to make sure we can leave the EU.

This comes as the government announced an extra £2.1billion to tackle the growing threat of a no-deal exit.

Given the cuts to public services that have been enacted since the Conservatives came to power, spanning from the NHS to local authorities, people aren’t exactly pleased with Raab boasting about how much money we’re spending on this completely unnecessary project.

Twitter reacted to Raab’s comments with familiar disdain.

At least the magic money tree has finally been found...

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