Dominic Raab is at it again. By “it” we mean making a fool of himself in public by saying ridiculous things.

This time, Britain’s new foreign secretary has been talking up a big game when it comes to Brexit negotiations during an interview with ITV News.

Though, predictably, it ended in awkwardness when Raab boldly suggested that the EU must be prepared to show “flexibility” as the UK government has done.

When questioned if he could name some compromises that the UK has made so far, he didn’t seem to be able to name any.

Instead he called the EU stubborn, for agreeing to the deal which was negotiated by Britain’s last prime minister Theresa May. Raab called the backstop – a hotly contested part of Theresa May’s deal – undemocratic, though still didn’t come up with any examples of UK “flexibility”.

Naturally, people on Twitter weren't impressed by Raab's latest blunder.

It looks like we can add "not knowing what flexible means" to Raab's blooper list, alongside "not knowing Britain is an island". As he assumes his new role, we're sure this won't be the last cringe-worthy Raab moment.

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