Brits increasingly think Brexit is going to be bad for the economy

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The Government announced earlier this month, their intention to trigger Article 50 on Wednesday.

At this point, the UK will send Brussels a formal notification that it it intends to leave the European Union.

Prior to this, all they will have had are hints. Apparently.

Since the vote in June of last year, fewer and fewer people think Brexit will benefit the UK from an economic standpoint.

As the below chart by Statista shows, IHS Markit surveys at regular intervals have found that confidence in Brexit's affect on the economy is waning.

Opinium research has recently found that 49 per cent of Brits think the nation has become a less tolerant place since the Brexit vote, and that more people from an ethnic minority have reported being the victim of discrimination due to their race on a year ago (from 58 per cent to 64).

James Endersby, Managing Director of Opinium said:

Our research shows that people have noticed the impact the vote has had on our attitude to multiculturalism and integration – hopefully this report’s findings will provide both the public and policy makers with insights that can contribute to a more unified and integrated society.


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