Whichever side you picked during the 2016 referendum campaign, most of us can agree that the Brexit process has become an excruciating, embarrassing mess.

The main thing dividing people seems to be exactly who to blame for this mess, rather than the mess itself. There’s no better display of this than BBC’s Question Time, where both the audience and panel are constructed to disagree with each other.

This week we saw audience and panel members screaming at each other as tensions reached boiling point. As Brexit edges ever closer, with no clear resolution in sight, the UK seems more divided than ever.

As a heated episode drew to a close. An EU national tried to bring some calm to proceedings. She said:

I’m sitting here shocked about how people are treating each other in this debate, not even letting them speak.

It is not the time for listening to empty phrases, it’s also not time to cut people off without listening to them. There are people’s futures at stake, as an EU national my future is at stake. It’s not about whoever can shout their opinion the loudest.

Ironically, someone did try to shout over her mid-way through, but as she finished the speech garnered one of the loudest applauses of the night.

People on social media were impressed by the woman’s calmness and clarity.

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