Michael Gove ridiculed for saying that 'everyone will have the food they need' after Brexit

Michael Gove ridiculed for saying that 'everyone will have the food they need' after Brexit

During an appearance on BBC's Andrew Marr Show, Michael Gove attempted to downplay any fear of food shortages once Brexit is implemented.

Gove in heading up the planning for a no-deal which is looking more and more likely, after Boris Johnson gained consent from the Queen earlier this week to suspend parliament for five weeks, virtually depriving MPs of the change to vote against such a scenario.

When pressed by Marr on the issue of the availability of fresh food after the UK exits the European Union, Gove became defence and stood firm stating:

Everyone will have the food they need.

The Brexiteer and former and current Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster added: "No, there will be no shortages of fresh food."

Gove's comments seem to fly in the face of the predictions released by the British Retail Consortium, who have confirmed that they believe that fresh food will be affected by a no-deal Brexit.

A spokesperson for the organisation is quoted by the Mirror as saying:

It is categorically untrue that the supply of fresh food will be unaffected under a no-deal Brexit. 

The retail industry has been crystal clear in its communications with the government over the past 36 months that the availability of fresh foods will be impacted as a result of checks and delays at the border.

Indeed, the Government’s own assessments showed that the flow of goods through the channel crossings could be reduced by 40-60% from day 1, as would the “availability and choice” of some foods.

Gove's contentious comments have since made their way on to Twitter where people have criticised him for such ignorance, especially when there are food banks being used across the country by those that can't afford food in the first place.

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