Brexiteer ridiculed for accidentally voting against the bill she just publicly supported
House of Lords

A Brexit-supporting peer has been mocked mercilessly for accidentally voting the wrong way on a key piece of Brexit legislation.

On Monday, before the Internal Market Bill went to a vote in the Lords, Baroness Claire Fox gave an impassioned speech in support of it.

During the speech, Fox went after Remainers and tackled concerns about the legality of the bill.

She said: "The main part of this Internal Market Bill is to give the UK Government the power to override those aspects of an international treaty that would, for example, bind Northern Ireland to a range of EU rules."

Fox continued: "The Government is not breaking the law, it is making the law, by proposing a bill that would allow it to change some of its commitments to an international treaty by getting it voted through the democratic chamber."

She later accused Remainers of "memory loss" and "double standards".

But Fox herself seemed to struggle with remembering some crucial details.

The peer forgot how to use the chamber's new voting app and actually voted against the bill.

The mistake was pointed out by HuffPost UK's executive editor Paul Waugh.

Fox tweeted back: "I fess up. Haven't got hang of voting app or difference between contents/not contents palavaer, so voted wrong way in one of votes."

She continued: "My rookies' error gave Lib Dems a laugh & in huge defeat my vote hardly mattered."

Fox's vote contributed to the largest government defeat in the Lords in 20 years.

The 268 lord majority meant that it was only one vote shy of the biggest defeat ever
People thought the mistake was hilarious.
We hope she gets the hang of the app soon.
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