The number of MEPs each country had in the EU parliament up until today, mapped

Louis Staples
Wednesday 29 January 2020 14:45
Image:(Jakub Marian)

Now Britain is set to exit the EU on 31 January, the UK’s MEPs are leaving the European Parliament for the final time.

Some of these MEPs have been serving in Brussels for decades, while others (most notably from the Brexit Party) will no doubt by jubilant about Britain’s exit from the EU parliament.

But how many MEPs did the UK have?

The narrative from brexiteers has often been that Britain has no say within the EU, hence the desire to leave. But in addition to a veto over most major decisions, this map by Jakub Marian reveals that – up until today – Britain had the third most MEPs in the EU parliament.

Only Germany and France have more MEPs than the UK had before 52 per cent of voters decided that they’d rather go it alone.

But as our MEPs leave Brussels for the final time, let’s bask in the era when the UK was the third most powerful country in the EU parliament for a few more seconds.

H/T: Jakub Marian

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