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The Liberal Democrats have been an odd entity in British politics for the past few years.

With only 11 MPs, it's hard for them to make a significant impact in politics, but they've been one of the few parties to have remained united on the topic of Brexit, having opposed it from the very beginning.

They have also remained united on their efforts for a second referendum on the UK's EU membership, a topic that is becoming more and more prevelant in the House of Commons.

In the past week, Labour has moved closer to backing another referendum, but party leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is yet to publicly back a Final Say vote, which is threatening to cause a revolt from his colleagues.

In an effort to provoke Corbyn into backing the campaign, the Lib Dems are urging people to sign a petition encouraging him to endorse a second referendum.

However, a tweet they have shared pushing people to the petition page, featuring a human spine (presumably fake) with a tag attached to it reading 'property of Jeremy Corbyn,' sitting at a table, enjoying a slice of cake, has seen it become a source of ridicule.

The tweet, which was posted at 5:17pm on Friday evening has only garnered 118 retweets and 401 likes at the time of writing, but many of the comments are questioning whether this was actually a good idea and why they chose to use a spine.

This wasn't the only tweet that the Lib Dems shared making the same joke, but it still failed to raise any chuckles.

At least their Cookie Monster tweet was a mild improvement.

indy100 has contacted the Liberal Democrats have been contacted for comment.

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