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With just eight days left before the Brexit deadline on 29 March, people are looking at different ways to solve the problem facing Britain.

Theresa May requested a "short delay" to Brexit as the European Union ruled out making a decision about an extension this week.

In a letter to the European Council president Donald Tusk, the prime minister requested a three-month extension to the Article 50 negotiation process.

However, a leaked internal diplomatic note revealed that Brussels opposes Ms May’s plan, saying EU leaders will face a “binary” choice of a short extension to Article 50 to before May 23, or a long delay to at least the end of this year.

The Independent's petition demanding a second referendum has been signed by over one million people in a few months.

The Final Say campaign is calling on parliament to allow the British public to have a second vote on the Brexit deal before leaving the EU in 2019.

Although MPs are currently divided over the Brexit deal, over 100 MPs have already come out in support of a second referendum for the public and whether the UK should leave with a deal or without a deal.

Politicians from the Conservatives, Labour, Liberal Democrats, Green Party, SNP and Plaid Cymru have publicly backed a second referendum.

To date these are the politicians that expressed public support for Final Say*:

*Some of the following MPs have verbalised their support for a second referendum, however, they have not voted when prompted in the Commons.

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