Sir Patrick Stewart to pay for coaches bringing protesters to the Brexit Final Say march

Sophia Ankel
Thursday 21 March 2019 08:45
PICTURE:(Getty Images)

Sir Patrick Stewart is being praised after he announced that he is paying for Yorkshire protesters to travel to the Final Say anti-Brexit march in London.

Stewart, who played Captain Picard on Star Trek, has agreed to pay £1,000 for a bus to take anti-Brexit campaigners to the "Put it to the People" demonstration taking place on Saturday.

The actor said he was delighted to sponsor the trip, saying the march may "very well be our last chance to demand a democratic final say on this mess before it's too late". He added:

The damage Brexit is already causing to our communities and country is clear. Businesses are closing, companies are cutting staff, the NHS is suffering and the opportunities for future generations of travelling, working and living across Europe without restrictions are at risk.

This is High Noon for Brexit - when anyone who cares about the future, anyone who feels betrayed by broken promises in the last referendum, anyone who wants to prevent years more of this madness should come to make their voice heard. It’s now or never.

Sir Patrick isn't the only celebrity sponsoring the trip to the march, as Alan Partridge and Steve Coogan also decided to hop on the bus (no pun intended).

Thanks, Captain Picard, for coming in to save the day (again).


HT Yorkshire Post

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