Brexit: 24 of the most hilarious metaphors that completely sum up the state Britain is in

Greg Evans
Thursday 28 March 2019 16:30

There are many, many ways to describe Brexit. Mess. Chaos. Embarrassing. Omnishambles. Humiliating. Painful. 'Worse than The Phantom Menace.'

Those are just a few words that we would use to describe the last three years but sometimes only a visual metaphor will suffice.

So, whilst the country crumbles to smithereens, like crisps under the hoofs of bison, here are 24 visual metaphors that sum up Brexit better than any words ever could.

1. Brian McFadden

2. This good doggo

3. This sign on a building in Cardiff

3. Crisps

4. This fence

5. Iain Duncan Smith's car

6. Jeremy Corbyn, a mother and a dog

7. The government's petition website crashing

8. The cabinet leaving Number 10

9. The 'Leave Means Leave' march

10. Water lilies

11. Manchester United

12. Ash Wednesday

13. This panda trying to get into a hammock

14. A horse drawn carriage in Hyde Park

15. Two snakes killing each other

16. Theresa May running late

17. Unicorns

18. Boris Johnson's Moses analogy

19. This cat flap

20. A cup of peppermint tea

21. A grandad necking half a pot of paint

22. Big Ben

23. Theresa May meeting Jean-Claude Juncker

24. Theresa May's jam

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