Tory MP Owen Paterson roasted after claiming strangers on the tube talk to him about Brexit

Tory MP Owen Paterson roasted after claiming strangers on the tube talk to him about Brexit

Here we are, folks. Nine days to go and we have absolutely no idea what Brexit will look like. It's so funny you could cry.

Still, at least there appears to be something happening in order to get us out of the mess be it a short delay or the UK government coming up with a new plan.

Now we are in a crunch period everyone is now consulting MPs on what is going to happen next, this includes accosting them on the tube.

At least that's what Tory MP and Brexiteer Owen Paterson told Channel 4'sJon Snow on Tuesday night and according to him, most people he has spoken to are annoyed about the delays.

Snow asked Paterson the very simple question of what he will do if the UK doesn't leave the EU, which led to this answer:

It we don't leave, this whole saga carries on. People would be dismayed, people come up to me on the tube, on the trains saying, 'Just get on with it.'

I talk to businesses they are prepared, and they say there will be a wall of investment money once there is certainty...

While we can't be sure if Paterson is telling the truth here, there are two big problems with his statement. First, people, let alone strangers, do not talk to each other on the tube.

It's hard enough talking to a loved one on the infernal transport system, let alone a Tory MP. Needless to say, a lot of jokes of this nature soon started to appear.

As it has been determined that no one has ever spoke a word to someone else on the tube, others speculated whether anyone would actually know who Owen Paterson is.

After all he's hardly the most prominent MP in Westminster.

There is a possibility that they were talking to Paterson but that they were asking him something else entirely.

Did this even happen?

Indy100 has contacted Mr Paterson for comment.

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