With his dream of a hard Brexit fading away quicker than the steam from your overpriced morning coffee, Nigel Farage is doing all he can to make people aware that we are still supposed to be leaving the EU.

Aside from setting up his creatively titled 'Brexit Party,' which everyone is already sick of, Farage has been ranting on Twitter, this time complaining about the referendum result being annulled and his choice of analogy is certainly a little odd.

In his divine wisdom, the former UKIP leader believes that left-wingers and the western population would be outraged if an African election result was overturned and that the UN should intervene.

He's, of course, talking about Brexit still failing to actually happen but comparing it to an African election has left people a little baffled as to what he's actually trying to get at with someone accurately pointing out that there was a fair bit of cheating going on during the referendum.

Also, Farage clearly doesn't keep up with the news that much, as we can't recall the referendum result (which wasn't an election either) ever being annulled.

In addition, Farage was given a brief history of annulled results, two of which have recently happened in Kenya and Switzerland.

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