Nigel Farage has a new Brexit bus and the internet isn't impressed

Louis Staples
Sunday 14 April 2019 08:45

Nigel Farage is back on the frontl ines of UK politics once more after formally launching his new Brexit Party.

Farage’s new party, which sees him formally split with UKIP – the Eurosceptic party he once led – will contest the European parliament elections on 22 May.

So, given there’s a campaign afoot, this can only mean one thing: a new Brexit bus.

Because apparently, in three years since the last referendum – which saw a red bus falsely claim that the NHS would be getting an extra £350m-a-week – we’ve learned absolutely nothing at all.

Of course, people weren’t thrilled by the new bus.

Then the photoshopped versions arrived. So many versions.

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