Alexandra Phillips/Twitter

A Brexit Party MEP appears to struggle with the concept of people going home after work.

Alexandra Phillips, the MEP for South East England who has reportedly worked for Cambridge Analytica in the past, was the second candidate on the party’s list after leader Nigel Farage.

She took to Twitter this week to post a video of MEPs heading home or presumably back to their offices or constituencies after a session had ended at the European Parliament.

In the tweet she wrote:

And now voting has closed look at them all run off to get their trains…

Yes, it appears heading off home once work is done for the day in now some kind of issue for those in Farage’s party.

The fine people over on Twitter were keen to express their displeasure.

Others pointed out that the current UK parliament isn't even in session at the moment due to Boris Johnson suspending proceeding for five weeks.

Indy100 has contacted Phillips for comment.

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