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The chairman of the Brexit Party has announced that it would scrap inheritance tax and people are not impressed.

Since Nigel Farage launched the party in early 2019, it has released few details about its vision for the country beyond making sure the UK leaves the EU.

The party’s website offers no further clues about its platform other than a single promise to “challenge the self-serving two-party system, make the people sovereign, and restore trust in our democracy”.

But on Monday, the party’s chairman, Richard Tice tweeted:

I'm pleased to announce today that the Brexit Party would finally scrap the hated inheritance tax.

People pay tax their whole lives. It is immoral to hit grieving families when they are vulnerable. The Tories can copy this policy again if they want.

The announcement by the businessman behind the Leave Means Leave campaign did not go down well on Twitter

Many people pointed out that the inheritance tax only affects people with property above a certain threshold

But there were some people who defended the party’s new policy

After its launch earlier this year, the Brexit Party went on to win 30.5 per cent of the national vote at the European elections in May and gained 29 of the 73 UK seats.

The party has said it intends to fight all 650 seats across the country in the next general election. Nigel Farage claims that it has fielded more than 500 prospective parliamentary candidates.

Meanwhile, the party has taken out adverts in a number of Sunday newspapers with “an election offer for Boris”.

The adverts say: “Let’s have a clean-break Brexit, then we will help you secure a big Brexit majority and destroy Corbyn’s Labour. Together we would be unstoppable.”

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