Brexit Party candidate says that leaving the EU will have an effect on the economy for '30 years'

Brexit Party candidate says that leaving the EU will have an effect on the economy for '30 years'

Without wishing to sound like a broken record, Brexit is a truly colossal mess, the effects of which could last for generations.

That's the sort of rhetoric that pro-EU activists have been shouting for the last three years but it would now appear that Brexiteers are saying something similar.

During an appearance on BBC Radio 5 Live, Lucy Harris a member of the Brexit Party who is running in the European Elections in Yorkshire and Humber claimed that we might not see any benefits for another 30 years.

The clip, which also features pro-EU activists Femi Oluwole and Madeleina Kay, as well as presenter Nicky Campbell, Harris, states that Brexit must take place 'at any cost.'


I think people have different priorities in this conversation and I think that the average person that voted leave, their priorities were to see democracy reinstated and know that their vote meant something but simultaneously, they wanted the sovereignty of their country back and I think at any cost they want that.


At any cost? What does that mean?


This claim that the UK did not have it's sovereignty inside the EU is ridiculous. It says in the Brexit white paper that we never lost sovereignty. 

These laws from the EU aren't dictated to us. They are made collaboratively.


I'm really hung up on something that you said earlier. You said 'Brexit at any cost'

Please tell the people who are struggling in this country, that you want Brexit at any cost.

Campbell then asked Harris to try and elaborate on her comment and it wouldn't exactly fill your heart with hope and prosperity, even if you were the most staunch of Brexiteers.

Well...I don't...I mean...are you looking for a number...or?

I think short term there will be an effect on the economy. Short-term yes.


How long is short term?


How long is short term? I don't know. The next 30 years?

I think short term there will be some effects on it. 

A flabbergasted Campbell seemed shocked that she would predict such an extensive length of time, who quickly figured out that things wouldn't start to get better until three years before his 90th birthday.

Harris replied again:

The price of democracy and the price of sovereignty is high. People have died for this.

The economics of this sometimes isn't as important as the principle of it. 

The audio of the conversation has since been shared online by Femi and people are truly stumped at what they heard.

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