With all the drama going on with UKIP's European election candidate Carl Benjamin, it's been easy to overlook all the other future prospects like Brexit Party's Martin Daubney, for example.

Well, it's about time to introduce Daubney, the former editor of lads magazine Loaded and now, in a twist of events, the Brexit Party's latest European candidate.

The 48-year-old spent eight years as editor of the lad's magazine, most which he says were spent drinking a lot of alcohol, publishing naked pictures of women, shooting radioactive wolves from a helicopter in Chernobyl and "shouting a lot".

And as news spread about the journalist's break into politics, so did the stories of what it's like to work with someone badly wanting to embody the full lad culture. But nothing showed this better than a series of old tweets from the original Loaded Twitter account, which make Daubney seem...well, super annoying to say the least. Let's have a look at a few, shall we?

The 48-year-old seems to have a strange obsession with pot noodles?

As an editor, motivational words seemed to be on the top of his priority list.

Nothing is better than a few banging bongos and a wrestling session for concentration in the workplace.

Daubney, who has said that he's never previously voted for Nigel Farage or UKIP, is now hoping that his voters will understand that he "is human". Speaking at a press conference in Manchester, he said:

You picked the two people from the entire roster who don’t fit the bill. But look across the rest of the names and you’ll see a new wave of people who aren’t from the political class that goes straight from university to lobbying and work experiences in Westminster. They’ve had real jobs.

It seems like the candidate's definition of a "real job" is slightly skewed.

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