Back in the halcyon days of 2017, we didn't have to worry about a no-deal or words like 'backstop' because things were all tickety boo in Brexit land.

Theresa May's cabinet was still in some functioning order, people like Tommy Robinson were not campaigning to be MEPs and Nigel Farage's Brexit Party wasn't a thing.

In fact, the latter had proved to be so insignificant that children had taken to mocking him on live television.

During an appearance on Sam Delaney's News Thing on RT UK, Farage received an 'honorary knighthood' from a young girl dressed us as the Queen.

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However, shortly after the mock ceremony was completed, the little girl hit Farage with two bars of truth, telling the former UKIP leader, 'My mummy says you hate foreigners' and thus a viral hit was born.

Given the current uncertainty surrounding Brexit and Farage's return to prominence, the clip has found a new lease of life and people are loving it all over again.

In an article for The Guardian in August 2018, Delaney explained that the prank was orchestrated beforehand and came off without a hitch.

Our most famous prank was getting a little girl to dress up as the Queen and pretend to knight Nigel Farage.

We had primed her to say: 'My mummy says you hate foreigners.'

The clip went viral, with 4m views and made headlines around the world.

George Osborne was one of the first to retweet it, along with the comment: 'This deserves a wider audience.'

The comic Sarah Silverman shared it with her 10 million followers alongside the comment: 'THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!'

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