The Brexit Party accidentally promoted a parody Tim Martin account that's quite clearly fake

The Brexit Party had once again done what it does best and made itself look as inept as everyone kind of knew it already was.

Nigel Farage's propaganda machine sent a tweet this morning to try and sell tickets (for £5 a pop) to a rally this weekend.

One of the star attractions is apparently Tim Martin, the founder of JD Wetherspoon, AKA 'Spoons. He is also an outspoken Brexiteer.

But they seemed to forget that Martin isn't a fan of social media, and has no Twitter presence. Instead, they tagged a user with the handle @GroovyTimbo, whose profile reads:

I'm Tim Martin, chairman of JD Wetherspoon, a luxury business catering to bitter old alcoholics in the mornings and pissed-up students in the evenings.

At the end of his bio - in case it wasn't already obvious enough - he clarifies that he is not the Tim Martin, writing "parody" very clearly in brackets.

Yet it seems no one took the time to check who this person actually was before excitedly announcing he would be speaking at the event.

@GroovyTimbo is not verified, and only tweets about twice a year, but when he does, it's social media gold

Come to think of it, perhaps this was more planned out that it seemed. After all, if we were to pay £5 to see a Tim Martin speak, the fake one does seem more

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