Piers Morgan has bizarre argument about climate change with protester dressed as broccoli

Piers Morgan has just spent his morning arguing with a man dressed as broccoli.

You may remember a story from a few days ago in which a man dressed as a giant broccoli was arrested at the Extinction Rebellion climate change protests in London.

Broccoli Man, or Mr Broccoli to his friends, quickly became a viral sensation and a symbol of the Metropolitan Police’s allegedly excessive crackdown on non-violent protesters.

And this morning, he made an appearance on national television to debate Piers Morgan on the merits of plant-based diets and the threat posed by climate change for Good Morning Britain.

Here’s what we learned from the interview:

  • Mr Broccoli says he has “always been a piece of broccoli”.

  • Mr Broccoli says we all need to transition towards a plant-based diet but admits that he isn’t a scientist and doesn't really have any evidence…

Honestly, that was basically it because to our surprise, it turns out that the man dressed as broccoli is not a particularly articulate or persuasive spokesperson for climate activism.

After some brain-numbingly stupid exchanges between Piers and Broccoli Man, the average viewer was presumably left no more informed about climate change or veganism.

And in a tragic turn of events, Piers even managed to make a decent point.

He told Mr Broccoli:

You lot have basically spent two weeks paralysing the city of London and when we give you the chance to come on national television and present your case, you sit there dressed like a broccoli saying ‘yeah, you should eat plants.’

I’m sorry, that’s not good enough.

The interview has sparked a debate in the Indy100 office about whether Broccoli Man might actually be bad…

Here are the condensed arguments for Broccoli.

The case for Broccoli Man:

  • He’s funny.

  • Attempts to troll “Peas” Morgan are usually for the common and moral good.

  • We now have a clip of Susanna Reid engaging with a man dressed as Broccoli and earnestly saying the words: “Can I just ask... without any comedy, are you a plant?!”

And here are the obvious cases against Broccoli Man:

  • He makes climate change campaigners look stupid and ridiculous.

  • He makes Piers Morgan look like a voice of reason.

  • He seems to know nothing about the science behind climate change - like literally not one serious point.

  • He just completely wasted a good opportunity to get his message across in a serious and potentially impactful way but instead chose to pretend a banana was a phone.

Either way, Mr Broccoli caused another stir on social media this morning - which is ultimately what this all seems to be for…

But it doesn't really matter what you think - he's just a humble broccoli...

Anyway, while all of this nonsense is going on, climate change is still happening and the government still doesn’t seem to have a plan to stop it.

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