A Brexit Party candidate hilariously lost his cool on Sunday Politics South East after an interviewer brought up his bizarre claims and conspiracy theories relating to the EU.

Timothy Vince, the candidate for South Thanet, was asked by the presenter to discuss his conspiracy theories that involve the exploitation of women, swastikas, Greek mythology, and Satanism.

When probed, he said:

The founding myth of the EU is actually the exploitation of women - you have the statue of Zeus with Europa riding, and it's based on deception, abduction and rape.

My concern is that the EU is leading us to an empire. That is basically totalitarial [sic], which takes away the choice of the democratic element.

Vince is apparently referring to a statue in Brussels depicting the story of Europa, who was abducted by a bull.

When the interviewer professionally keeps her cool and manages not to be interrupted by Vince, he gets more and more upset, attempting to cut her off.

He adds:

I'm just making the point that, do we want our future to be dictated by Greek and Roman mythology that led to dictatorships?

He has previously claimed that the EU was signed in a Temple associated with Satanism, and made other bizarre claims involving the treaties of EU countries.

While he accused the presenter of not doing enough research, she did manage to correct him on where several treaties were actually signed.

HT New European

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