Brexit: Until end of March, only EU citizens with Android phones can access government's 'settled status' app

Sunday 27 January 2019 17:00
PICTURE:(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Until March 30th, only EU citizens with Android phones will be able to access the government's EU Settlement Scheme app, until it's rolled out permanently after its test phase.

The public testing phase of the scheme was launched on January 21st, and will continue until March 30th. The test phase requires applicants, in making their application, to prove their identity by using the EU Exit: Identity Document Check app which is currently only available on Android devices.

After the test phase, the app will be rolled out on any mobile or laptop device. Once it's fully open, there will be further routes available to have identity documents checked, including a postal route for submitting ID evidence and over 50 locations where applicants can have their chip checked, according to the website.

When the app was launched, some people were confused by the test phase roll-out of the app.

Others thought it had some technical issues.

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