Brexit: How the internet reacted to Theresa May's mystery EU address

On Friday, Theresa May called an unexpected press conference at 10 Downing Street which ended up being, as many predicted, about Brexit.

The beleaguered PM told the assembled press that her proposed Chequers deal had been rejected by EU leaders and that both sides "remain a long way apart", but she is committed to getting a good deal for the UK.

May added that she has treated "treated the EU with nothing but respect" and "the UK expects the same".

The Conservative leader has been encouraged to abandon her already failing Chequers plan which was not received well by the EU nor within her own party.

After giving this statement, the internet was soon awash with criticisms of the PM for giving such a speech and the overall lack of positives that seem to be coming out of the entire Brexit situation.

Most were just completely and utterly bemused.

Some decided to point out the irony of her stating that the UK has shown the EU 'nothing but respect'.

With any situation like this, it's always possible to have a laugh.

Call it gallows humour.

If you believe the people of the UK should have a final say on the Brexit deal you can sign the Independent's petition for a second referendum.

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