The Tories just refused to extend the Brexit transition period because of coronavirus and people are furious

With everything going on right now, you might have forgotten that (contrary to what the government said earlier this year) Brexit is not officially “done” yet.

The UK is still in a “transition period”, which was widely expected to be extended because of the coronavirus crisis. But now Britain has told the EU it will not seek an extension of the Brexit transition period beyond 31 December, according to Michael Gove.

Gove spoke with European Commission Vice President Maroš Šefčovič and EU negotiator Michel Barnier at the second meeting of the EU-UK Joint Committee on implementing the Withdrawal Agreement, where he reiterated Downing Street's refusal to extend the transition.

Experts had previously warned that the initial transition period was far too short in normal circumstances, but factoring in the unexpected pandemic it seems even more ambitious. Lots of people are now worrying that a no-deal Brexit is even more likely.

With this in mind, people aren’t happy that the government has decided against adding a few months to the transition to accommodate the very unusual circumstances we’re currently in.

This is despite the fact that well-known Brexiteers have said they thought extending the transition period is "inevitable" and were fine with that.

Many think the Tories are now putting “politics ahead of peoples’ lives”.

It's an unwelcome reminder that, beyond the pandemic, the uncertainty of Brexit looms.

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