Former UKIP MEP says he will write 'BREXIT' on his ballot paper and everyone made the same point

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It must be pretty hard if you are a devout UKIP supporter and Brexiteer right now, as your lifelong dream to leave the EU is fading away quicker than Spider-Man at the end of Infinity War.

With the prospect of a hard Brexit not happening, Roger Helmer, a former MEP, who has previously shown a grave misunderstanding of climate change, has declared how he intends to protest the fact that the UK is still in the EU.

With local elections looming on the horizon, the 75-year-old told his Twitter followers that he plans to go to the ballot box and rather than cast his vote like a regular person he's just going to write 'BREXIT' instead, in block capital letters.

Weird flex, but ok.

Now we're not going to tell Helmer what he can and cannot do at the ballot box, but last time we checked a simple cross in a box would suffice.

Secondly, this pointless protest is going to be seen by no one, so by spoiling his ballot he sacrifices his democratic power to vote for an utterly pointless reason.

Luckily for Helmer, rather than pile on and say nasty things to him, the good people of Twitter encouraged him to go right ahead and stage his protest.

OK. Some people did say some nasty things.

Good luck Mr Helmer. You brave, brave Brexiteer. Good luck.

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