Since the EU referendum in 2016, lots has changed in British politics.

Almost everyone on both sides of the EU debate can concede that many of the facts that we know now were not obvious four years ago. But now, rightly or wrongly, we're finally set to leave. ​

Though it's worth remembering that some people did change their minds, like this former Brexit voter took to Twitter last year to debunk some of his own claims about the EU debate.

Jamie Wallace, who describes himself as a “Leaver transformed into a Remainer”, has posted a remarkable Twitter thread debunking many things he’s tweeted in the past about Brexit and the EU and it's a fascinating read.

It takes guts to admit when you’ve been wrong, but even more so to publicly explain precisely how you got it wrong.

So Jamie Wallace, we salute you, because we can’t help but feel that if more people were able to do the same, politics wouldn’t be as divided as it is today.

And now for a giant leap into the unknown.

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