Brian McFadden - yes, Brian McFadden from Westlife - says Trump is 'exactly what Britain needs' and it only gets worse from there
Chip Somodevilla/Jeff Spicer/Getty Images/Twitter

“Flying without wings” always sounded like a recipe for a nasty fall.

And oh, how one former member of Westlife has fallen.

Brian McFadden, who once melted the nation’s heart with endless chart-topping saccharine love ballads, has announced his support for Trump and, wait for it, a “Britain first at all costs attitude”.

It's unclear whether he actually meant to name-drop the rabid far-right hate group Britain First, but the rest of his statement renders such questioning of his motives fairly futile.

Here's the offending tweet, but be warned - you can't un-see it.

It begs the question that if "Borris" and Nigel Farage are not deemed Trumpian enough - then literally who is? Tommy Robinson? The secret love-child of Enoch Powell and Oswald Mosley?

Meanwhile, in which hellish multiverse scenario is Nigel Farage a front-runner for Prime Minister?

Needless to say, the internet did not respond well.

The Westlife jokes came thick and fast.

Luckily a responsible adult was on hand to help.

Others remembered other times Mr McFadden had offered a politically astute observation.

It remains unclear whether McFadden developed these views while performing on Dancing on Ice, duetting with Sinead O'Connor (an Islam convert who accused Trump of spewing "Satanic filth"), or if the offending tweet is actually satire.

But with a new album coming out (a tribute to soul legends of the 1950s and 60s, no less), its probably best to learn from Morrissey's mistakes and stick to the ballads, Brian.

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