Britain First confronted by passerby shouting 'Britain First are fake news'


Campaigners from the far-right group Britain First set up on a British high-street this weekend, only to be heckled by a member of the public, who called them "fake news".

In a video, shared by Abigail Millin, the protester shouts at the campaigners - including Jayda Fransen, the party's deputy leader.

After a Britain First campaigner tells the man "he gives Muslims a bad name" he tells them they are "fake news".

Britain First were in campaigning in Rochdale as part of a "day of live action".

Sharing the video, Abigail Millin wrote:

Got loads of respect for this man, honestly, these stupid people coming from Manchester had been spreading fake news about the grooming in Rochdale.

And absolutely fake news spreading around this area of the UK, apparently it's just Muslim people, and they wanted to 'get rid' of them.

 This man I have so much respect for since it was not simply all Muslims, he's definitely right.

This stereotypical rumour has gone around that all Muslims have groomed young women, it was not just Muslims.

That could be classed as racism because it's just pockets of people doing it.

Throughout the video, the unidentified protestor shakes various passersby hands and gets rounds of applause. In the video, he says:

Islam is a religion of peace.

I'm a young white man and I've converted to Islam.

He adds goes on to call Britain First 'disrespectful' for 'turning up to the Manchester Vigil' calling them 'racist' and 'ignorant pigs'.

He says:

You don't care about Britain, don't come to our town and spread hate.

You're f***ing racist, go away.

People have been commenting on the video showing their support for the heckler:

indy100 has contacted Abigail and Britain First for comment.

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