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We've all been there on a Friday night after too many drinks. It's late, you need to go home but you are hungry and there is nothing open.

Then you see the slowly rotating slabs of meat and the warm glow of the kebab shop and you know that your problems are solved (as long as you aren't vegetarian or vegan, that is).

That situation is very family to us Brits but on the other side of the Atlantic, the humble doner kebab is still something of an unknown quantity.

In fact, they are so much on an anomaly that Americans are reportedly calling them meat platters which you can apparently put in a sandwich.

This is all according to a 2017 tweet from Insider which has resurfaced and gone viral with British folks confused as to why American's are so confused about why kebabs have been rebranded in the US.

People of other nationalities were equally perplexed.

Whilst it's fun to have a laugh and a joke at others expense let's remember that although kebabs have become a staple of British cuisine they aren't from this country so let's share the wealth and let everyone enjoy them.

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