Biohacker Bryan Johnson claims has a birthday 'every 19 months' as he ages slower

Biohacker Bryan Johnson claims has a birthday 'every 19 months' as he ages slower
'Invincible' Bryan Johnson makes NSFW claim comparing himself to 18-year-old
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Bryan Johnson suggested that he celebrates his birthday every 19 months due to his biohacking successes.

Johnson, who is reportedly 46, is famed for spending $2 million a year to reduce his biological age and has turned to extreme measures to get the job done. These include injecting his 18-year-old son's blood, having a strict diet and sleep routine – and sending shocks to his penis to achieve longer-lasting erections.

Johnson revealed in a YouTube video, titled 'My $16/Day Diet to Live to 200+,' that he has hit his "personal best" in slowing down the ageing process at a rate of "0.64."

"That roughly means that for every 12 months that pass I only age for 7.6 months now," he claimed.

Johnson said an important part of his journey is his diet, saying: "'My diet, my team and I have gone through a methodical process over the years."

He has since created the Blueprint stack which he hailed the "world's best and easiest health protocol" after taking "over a hundred pills a day."

Johnson also offered viewers a homemade version for free to replicate at home.

My $16/Day Diet to Live to

"When I wake up the first thing I do is drink Longevity mix, [which contains] vitamin C, magnesium, calcium Alpha ketoglutarate, glycine and ashwagandha," he explained, adding that he then takes eight pills with the mix.

Johnson then works out for an hour before having a Super Veggie breakfast of cauliflower, fresh broccoli, black lentils, garlic, ginger, hemp, and extra-virgin olive oil.

He also takes a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil with each meal, which meets a certain criteria in his Blueprint programme.

For his next meal, he has a nutty pudding – and you guessed it, a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil.

It comes after Johnson shared a series of throwback snaps to X/Twitter with claims "Even my Face ID is confused. I'm transitioning..."

In a follow-up post, Johnson asked his followers when they thought he had "peaked" during his biohacking journey.

Half of the voters suggested he looked better in 2018. A further 39.3 per cent voted 2024 at the time of writing.

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