Outrage as an entire police force in New York has 'resigned' after officers were suspended for brutalising 75-year-old man

Earlier this week, a video of police in Buffalo, New York, went viral and shocked the world.

The footage depicts an elderly looking man approaching police officers. He says something to them, and one of the officer shoves him away.

The man flails and falls backwards, smashing his head into the ground.

He appears to be unconscious, and someone screams "he's bleeding out of his ear!" but police just start arresting protesters as the man lies on the ground.

The video – which contains graphic and potentially triggering images – was widely shared across social media, where people were understandably outraged.

At first, the police force claimed the man "slipped" and tried to defend the officers, saying they were "just doing their job".

But after huge outcry, the two officers involved were placed on unpaid leave, but all 57 of their colleagues resigned in protest.

To clarify, they did not resign because of the outrageous behaviour of their colleagues, but because they were suspended for it.

Spectrum News reported that they resigned “out of support for the suspended officers, as well as the disgust with the admin”.

However, it's been noted that they didn't actually resign from the police, just the specific squad, which seems to suggest they sill still be getting paid full salaries.

As soon as this was reported, people's outrage became even louder.

The resignation reportedly follows the union's announcement that it would no longer pay legal fees for officers relating to incidents at the Black Lives Matter protests which are happening across the world.

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