Dad slightly bemused to find his son's chocolate Santa Claus looks totally inappropriate

On a quiet Thursday night on Twitter, Col Talbot uploaded a photo of his son eating a Cadbury's chocolate Santa Claus.

With all the wrapping on, they look a bit like this:

But Talbot noticed that once the wrapping was taken off, from a certain angle at least, the chocolate figurine looked altogether rather... different.

He tweeted his findings to Cadbury:

There was some mixed reaction:

Some people just didn't know what to say:

Others invoked the Lord:

Some people swore:

Others called for an investigation:

It's not the first disrobed St Nicholas to look quite phallic:

But any word from Cadbury? An (admittedly, slightly bemused) Talbot told indy100:

Haha, no Cadbury's haven't replied.

On the response his photo provoked, Talbot added:

You get the odd person taking it too seriously. At the end of he day it's a picture of chocolate Father Christmas taken at an unfortunate angle.

Does he think the chocolate company will be changing its moulds? Will there be a campaign?

I doubt it.

And a Merry Christmas to all.

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