How one video of cake made people question the reality of human existence

How one video of cake made people question the reality of human existence

Occasionally there is a unifying piece of culture that causes everyone to come into contact with it to get so metaphysical, even Kant would reel in horror.

Things like The Matrix; no one was quite sure if their reality actually existed for years after that movie came out (and some corners of Reddit still aren’t).

Just as people have finally accepted that they may never get a satisfactory answer to the question “red pill or blue pill?”, another existential meme has cropped up to make everyone’s brain hurt.

This time: it’s cake.

‘Are we human? Or are we cake?’ is surely the most 2020 question possible.

But thanks to a rogue BuzzFeed Tasty video, no one is quite sure what is cake and what is not.

Last week, Tasty shared a clip that featured objects like Crocs, loo roll, pizza and a houseplant.

The twist?

They were all cake.

All of them.

The whole damn time.

Unfortunately, this has now led to a crisis in actuality and the world will never be the same.

After that video, others started posting clips of cakes masquerading as other things.

Like hands… and mice…

Or fast food.

Frankly, it’s got out of hand.

People are beginning to get a little frazzled.

No one knows who to trust… not even themselves.

There were some ingenious methods created to discern friend from cake.

And some not so popular ones.

Meanwhile others just went hell for leather.

People also discovered the work of cake artists who dedicate themselves to making these sorts of mind-expanding treats.

Like Ben Cullen, The Bakeking.

Honestly though, all trust is gone.

Perhaps the only way to move forward is accept that some us may be cake.

But that the cake-status will not affect anyone materially.

And therefore we should all just proceed as before.

Pragmatic cake-ism.

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