Photos from California's largest wildfire of 2022 look like something from the apocalypse

Photos from California's largest wildfire of 2022 look like something from the apocalypse
California: Crews battle the state's largest fire this year

Photos from a massive wildfire in Northern California depict the terrifying and destructive aftermath, resembling something out of an apocalypse.

The McKinney wildfire is the largest fire California has had so far this year at an estimated 52,498 acres.

Over the weekend the fire burned through the Klamath National Forest which is near the Oregon - California state border. Residents in nearby towns were ordered the evacuate due to the fast-moving nature of the fire.

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The fire first began on Friday. It is unclear how it started but dry heat, drought, and lighting storms may have contributed to its start. Smoke from the fire could be seen from satellites in space.

So far, firefighters have not been able to contain any of the raging fire.

On social media, people have shared images and videos from the fire showing how petrifying it is to be surrounding by the heavy smoke and flames.

Images from Klamath River, a small community in North California, show how the fire has destroyed the town's infrastructure and left behind and a bleak, ashy cast.

So far, two people have died as a result of the fire. Firefighters are urging those in nearby towns to evacuate before the fast-moving fire can reach them.

Typically, California experiences the height of wildfires from July to October although wildfires can occur at any time of year. Due to climate change, some scientists are estimating wildfires will become larger, harder to contain, and more damaging every year.

California had the most wildfires in 2020 due to intense dry heat and prolonged droughts. Nearly four million acres were burned that year as a result of the approximately 9,900 wildfires.

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