They say s**t happens. And in this case, they’re not wrong as a truckload of it caused a busy road in Canada to close for five hours.

Ontario’s Highway 401 was forced to close some of its lanes on Thursday after spilled manure caused chaos on the highway.

The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Highway Safety Division tweeted about the incident on Friday afternoon, saying that the westbound express lanes were restricted for five hours “while the smelly mess was cleaned up.”

They said a transport truck was cut off which is why the manure spilled onto the road.

Lovely stuff for the drivers of Ontario, then. And reacting to the news, Twitter’s hive mind worked quickly and everyone made similar puns about how s**t the situation must have been:

It’s great they cleaned up the manure, but we can’t really think of a worse traffic jam to be stuck in.

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