A video of a Syrian family crossing the Canadian border in Quebec is making the rounds on Twitter.

People are praising the border police for appearing to help the family cross the border into the country in treacherous conditions.

The border police's humanity is to be praised, however what many people on the internet have missed, is that after the family were helped over the border, they were detained.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police confirmed to Global News that the family of three was “arrested” in Hemmingford on Saturday for crossing the border illegally.

This is standard procedure, and the family were taken to Saint-Bernrd-de-Lacolle border crossing, and then to an immigrant detention centre in Laval for approximately two days.

Americans on Twitter are apologising to the family, who trekked through the woods to get from America to Canada.

Donald Trump made no secret of his anti-immigration stance, and although his motion to ban refugees from seven Muslim-majority countries, including Syria – was overturned, he insists that blocks need to be put in place.

Justin Trudeau on the other hand, invited refugees to Canada in January, and it appears they’re listening.

According to Aljazeera “hundreds of refugees have trickled across the US border into the western prairie province of Manitoba", which usually sees 40 to 60 cross per year".

An agreement between Canada and the US, called the Safe Third Country Agreement means that refugees must apply for refugee status in the first “safe” country they enter. This can be sidestepped by entering Canada from a location that isn’t an official entry point – such as a forest or a private field.

In these cases, Canada cannot return them to the US.

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