Justin Trudeau took his three-year-old son into work and hearts melted

Justin Trudeau/Facebook

If there’s one thing that's proven to be more popular on social media than Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it’s Justin Trudeau’s three-year-old son, Hadrien.

On Thursday the internet’s favourite politician uploaded some photos on his Facebook page, with the caption: “Had some company in the office today!”

The heart-warming pictures show father and son exploring the prime minister’s office together in the Canadian parliament.

Hadrien Trudeau had a busy day doing paperwork;

Racing down the corridors of power;

Facing down reporters at a press conference;

And, of course, playing hide and seek.

Naturally, hearts melted on Twitter.

As everyone agreed, Hadrien was quite a natural, and clearly already has very good press relations. Future PM in the making perhaps?

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