Man with terminal cancer discharges himself from nursing home to smoke a final spliff

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70-year-old Patrick Ford, known as Dave, is terminally ill with bowel cancer.

After being diagnosed with the illness in December, he's now only been given a few days to live.

Until this weekend, he's been living in the Drumconner Nursing Home in Bournemouth, but when his friend, David Warnock, 56, came by on Friday staff wouldn't allow the pair to indulge in his vice one last time.

Probably due to the illegal nature of said vice. Dave wanted to smoke marijuana one final time.

So, he checked out of the home where he was receiving palliative care.

David then took him back to his own home - so the pair could enjoy a spliff together.

Speaking to the Bournemouth Echo, Warnock said:

At the care home we had the fan pointed out the window to blow the smoke, but they snatched it away.

He had been looking forward to having that smoke of grass.

You wouldn't think we were in the 21st century with our attitudes. Holland has had it legalised for years.

He added that he was aware that cannabis is illegal, but "it's a dying man's wish".

Dave, who suffers from schizophrenia as well as cancer has recently used the drug as a painkiller, but has smoked it recreationally for decades.

Now he's been discharged, he intends to stay in his home and listen to his favourite 1960s music.

A spokesperson from the care home declined to comment when contacted by the Bournemouth Echo, as Dave is under the care of the mental health team.

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