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A cancer patient has labelled people who are against wearing face coverings “selfish” and “individualistic”.

It comes about after the government recently announced that masks will be mandatory in shops and supermarkets across England, as of 24 July.

Angela Steatham, from Powis in North Wales, has chronic lymphocytic leukaemia and was also recently diagnosed with skin cancer. This means she’s high-risk and has been shielding in lockdown since it began almost four months ago.

The 56-year-old told the Shropshire Star, via PA:

When I see people disputing the need to take precautions, when I have sacrificed my freedom and independence, it makes me so mad.

It’s selfish and individualistic. It’s not about them catching the virus, it’s about them not transmitting it.

Since the government announcement, many were furious about potentially receiving a fine of up to £100 for not wearing a face covering in a shop.

Some Tory party members even cut up their memberships in protest.

But Steatham likened the outrage to the implementation of wearing seat belts in cars:

I’m old enough to remember seat belts being made mandatory and there was exactly the same sort of reaction.

Now, nobody would question wearing a seat belt except absolute idiots.

A recent study found that if you voted for Brexit, you’re less likely to be concerned about coronavirus.

While another found Conservatives, Brexiteers, men and people aged 25 to 49 are among the least likely to wear face coverings in public.

Either way, perhaps we should all (regardless of how we vote or where we live) come together and wear masks, for the benefit of everyone?

Wouldn't that be nice...

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